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Kradle™ Celebrates World Emoji Day with the Launch of its Calm Dog Emoji

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Kradle™ Celebrates World Emoji Day with the Launch of its Calm Dog Emoji

Happy World Emoji Day! 🥳 World Emoji Day is held on July 17 each year to celebrate the power of emojis — helping us communicate in an effective and fun way and the general enjoyment they bring.


Emojis have added an element of excitement to the digital age, giving us the ability to throw splashes of creativity and personality into what may otherwise be plain text. From beaming faces 🤗 to colorful hearts 💙, emojis can convey emotions or amplify our messages like never before.


As emojis have become increasingly popular worldwide and among people of all ages, it’s no surprise that these digital icons have an entire day dedicated to them. According to Emojipedia, over 5 billion emojis are sent via Facebook Messenger every day and half of all comments on Instagram include an emoji.


The Kradle team is thrilled to participate in the emoji movement with the introduction of “The Calm Dog Emoji.”  Why this emoji?  It brings to life our mission to create CBD solutions to calm dogs and rekindle the natural harmony between you and your pet.  We hope all dog-lovers use this emoji when they want to express love for their pets and show appreciation for the moments when their furry friends are calm, safe and happy.  


“The Calm Dog Emoji” will be available to use as a sticker on Facebook and Instagram next week.  Check back here for more details as we expect to launch more emojis in the future.  Be sure to follow us @kradlemypet for updates.


We hope you will join us in celebrating World Emoji Day. Share your favorite emojis with us in comments below! 🐶❤️


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