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Learn About Your Dog's Stress and Anxiousness

Most anti-stress  

approaches just offer  

short-term solutions.  


There are many ways anxious dogs tell us they need help.


Your dog’s body language and behavior tell you how he or she is feeling. Understanding these cues –

and responding to them before they get out-of-hand – starts with knowing what to look for. Only then

can we be sure of the right calming care for dogs.

Telltale Signs of Stress & Potential Anxiety in Dogs

    • Nervous Chewing


    • Escape Behaviors


    • Tail Chasing


    • Excessive Pacing


    • Hiding


    • Biting Themselves


    • Nervous Licking


    • Circling


    • Trembling


    • Barking


    • Whining


    • Marking


    • Soiling


    • Tail Tucking


    • Reduced Activity


Common Triggers

    • Thunder


    • Vacuum Cleaners


    • Car Rides


    • Vet Visits


    • Road Trips


    • Mail Carriers


    • Separation


    • Plane Rides


    • Canine Encounters


    • Strangers


    • Fireworks


    • Dog Parks


What to Give a Dog for Anxiety

Anxious dog behaviors are often NOT categorized as clinical dog anxiety, and prescription medications may not be needed. Ask your veterinarian if you think your dog may have a clinical anxiety issue and need prescription drugs, and if not, a proven non-pharmaceutical solution like Kradle® might be the perfect choice. Veterinarians tend to break clinical anxiety behavior conditions into three categories: fear, age-related, and separation anxiety in dogs.


Reducing Their Stress Shouldn’t Eliminate Their Personality

Is your dog suffering from some sort of anxiety? We really can’t say. If your dog has anxiety it is a strictly defined, clinical condition diagnosed by a veterinarian. What to give dogs for anxiety sometimes includes pharmaceutical medications. Unfortunately some of the complications and calming side effects that may come from using pharmaceutical drugs can make a bad situation even worse — for both you and your furry friend.

The Natural Solution for Your Pet

Formulated with the purest American-grown CBD and other premium ingredients, Kradle solutions work naturally with the endocannabinoid system to calm your dog from the inside out.


Lose the stress. Love your pet.™

At Kradle®, we’re confident that our solutions will help alleviate the telltale signs of stress in your dog. Our products are formulated to work quickly, but every dog is different. With our Stress-Free Guarantee, you can purchase knowing we’ll take care of you.


Available in a variety of flavors dogs love, our easy-to-use calming Chews, Chillers, and Melts are ready to work whenever you need them, wherever you two go.


Explore which Kradle® solution might be perfect for you and your best friend.

Kradle products contain just the right amount of CBD to work naturally with your dog's endocannabinoid system to help calm and comfort.

Our proven and patent-pending BotaniTek™ formulation combines CBD from broad-spectrum hemp extract with other premium active ingredients.

We created Kradle to care for the dogs we love. We use quality ingredients, exacting practices and stringent protocols – and give you full access to our Certificates of Analyses so that you can have complete confidence in sharing our solutions.