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    Most anti-stress approaches just offer short-term solutions.

    Telltale Signs of Stress

    Telltale Signs of Stress

    • Nervous Chewing
    • Escape Behaviors
    • Tail Chasing
    • Excessive Pacing
    • Hiding
    • Biting Themselves
    • Nervous Licking
    • Circling
    • Trembling
    • Barking
    • Whining
    • Marking
    • Soiling
    • Tail Tucking
    • Reduced Activity
    Common Triggers

    Common Triggers

    • Thunder
    • Vacuum Cleaners
    • Car Rides
    • Vet Visits
    • Road Trips
    • Mail Carriers
    • Separation
    • Plane Rides
    • Canine Encounters
    • Strangers
    • Fireworks
    • Dog Parks
    The Natural Solution for your Pet

    The Natural Solution for your Pet

    Formulated with the purest American-grown CBD and other premium ingredients, Kradle solutions work naturally with the endocannabinoid system to calm your dog from the inside out.

    Lose the stress. Love your pet.

    Lose the stress. Love your pet.

    At Kradle, we’re confident that our solutions will help alleviate the telltale signs of stress in your dog. Our products are formulated to work quickly, but every dog is different. With our Stress-Free Guarantee, you can purchase knowing we’ll take care of you.

    Available in a variety of flavors dogs love, our easy-to-use calming Chews, Toppers, and Melts are ready to work whenever you need them, wherever you two go.

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