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Is Your Dog Scared of Fireworks?

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Is Your Dog Scared of Fireworks?

Summer is a great time for dogs, except for those days and nights when fireworks ring through the air. Many dogs are afraid of fireworks – and rightly so. They don’t know where the noise is coming from, it’s loud, they don’t know when the next bang will happen… it’s fear of the unknown, and it can cause our furry friends to act out in negative ways.


As your dog’s human, the best thing you can do is prepare in advance. Having some solutions at the ready before the craziness starts will benefit both of you…and don’t be afraid to try something new.


One of the most recent solutions on the market is calming CBD oil for dogs. Choose a  brand that is tested and verified and contains no detectable THC, as THC is harmful for your dog. High quality products contain only the CBD extract from hemp plants, plus other beneficial ingredients that work naturally with your dog’s endocannabinoid system to calm them from the inside out. These products are safe for your dog, and there are several different applications based on your dog’s specific needs. CBD chews or oils are good for consistent use and allow you to see how CBD is affecting your pooch over a period of time. In stressful situations, CBD melts are a good solution because they are fast-acting to help calm your dog quickly.


Other solutions can be as easy as giving your dog a safe, familiar space and playing calming music, giving them a treat or a toy, sitting with them or using a comforting wrap around their body. You are their familiar, so if you can stay home with your pet during the stress and noise of fireworks that would be ideal. If CBD oil or other remedies don’t seem to help, talk to your vet about anti-anxiety medicines that might be right for your dog.


Every dog owner has seen their furry friend scared or in an anxious state at some point. Again, with new CBD products on the market specifically designed to calm your dog from the inside out, there are more options than ever to help both you and your dog survive fireworks season.


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