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Gearing up for a Safe, Festive Halloween: Seven Tips for Dogs

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Gearing up for a Safe, Festive Halloween: Seven Tips for Dogs

Halloween is a beloved holiday and for many, it kicks off the holiday season across the next two months culminating in New Year’s Eve/Day celebrations.  But in a global pandemic and many communities in quarantine mode, it’s going to be tricky to pull off a festive celebration. The CDC’s guidelines  recommend no door-to-door trick or treating, limiting gatherings to small groups of about six, and celebrating outside. 


With Halloween candy sales up 13%, it appears many people are still stocking up for candy-filled celebration amid the uncertainty.  A fun idea might be a scavenger hunt with a range of candy treats serving as prizes or taking a no-interaction approach and placing a large bowl outside letting trick-or-treater pluck their own candy treat. These steps will ensure children feel the profits of the cherished day – a candy stash that can often last until Christmas. You can read additional good tips for humans to enjoy this fine holiday from Good Housekeeping Magazine and National Public Radio, too.


Halloween has historically triggered stress among our pets with a night full of ding dongs at our door step, and the comings and goings of kids.  In fact, reports that Halloween is second to July 4th as dogs’ most stressful holiday.  With pandemic-right Halloween celebration now focused on our homes and yard, this may present even more stress on our pets.  Plus, a once-every-19-year event will happen this Halloween – a full moon!  With the celebration focused on-premise and lots of commotion, our dogs may suffer even more than before.


@oscarfrenchienyc and @irresistiblecharlie get costumed up every Halloween, if not multiple times. Pet parent Andre Falcao has been using Kradle products for the past several months and seeing great results. Learn more here.


Parents and pet parents alike are gearing up for Halloween this year with creative solutions to have safe fun.  One thing’s for sure, Halloween 2020 is going to be different than past celebrations for many homes across the U.S. Different can bring stress and anxiousness for all including our pets.


Here are some tips for dogs to ensure they, too, are happy, safe and calm:

  • Help your pup feel included in the festivities by dressing them up in a costume! If you’re looking for fun costume ideas or inspiration, take a look through our photo gallery from our in-person launch on October 11th — where we hosted a costume contest! Share your festive photos with us @kradlemypet on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Make a special treat to help our canine family members take part in the celebration. Check out’s DIY dog treat ideas for Halloween. Check out the simple-yet-festive Pumpkin FroYo Bites.
  • Get your dog a new toy, especially one that gives them focus such as the classic Kong chew toy with the Kong Easy Treat inside, available at Pet Supplies Plus.
  • Give your dog ample exercise before the human Halloween fun begins – wearing them out may force a nap and allow them to sleep through the stress-inducing commotion of the evening.
  • Give your pup a dedicated space far away from the activities.
  • Turn on the Animal Planet channel, DogTV, or play music on the special Kradle playlist “Soft Rock & Reggae for Dogs” on Spotify, all of which can have a calming effects on dogs by keeping them distracted and engaged.
  • Try Kradle CBD Calming solutions for dogs starting this week. With our Stress-Free Guarantee, if you don’t see a marked improvement in your dog’s behavior after seven days, simply let us know and we’ll work with you to find the best calming solution for your furry friend.


Our shop page is a great place to view all of our products to see which your dog favors the most.  Plus, Kradle Calming CBD products are dosed by your dog’s weight, which makes it even easier.


Happy safe, calm and enjoyable Halloween!



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