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Kradle™ Shares Tips to Celebrate National Dog Day

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Kradle™ Shares Tips to Celebrate National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! Today is entirely devoted to our best friends and appreciating the love and joy they bring into our lives. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to spoil them even more than we already do.  


Pet-parents far and wide have shared some fun ways to celebrate National Dog Day with our dogs and give them the attention they deserve. Here are some of our favorite ideas and tips for how to make the day special — for both of you:  


Treat Your Pup: National Dog Day is the day to be generous with treats. Give your dog an extra treat or two…maybe even five! If you want to give the treats a special touch, you can try baking your own. Most dog-friendly treats are easy to make and can be tweaked to fit your dog’s specific dietary needs. Whether you decide to make doggy donuts or heart-shaped cookies, your dog will probably think you’re the world’s greatest chef.  


Calming Massage: We all know how much our dogs love it when we’re able to spare a few minutes of our time and give them a belly-rub or scratch behind their ears. One of the Kradle team members says she plans to give her older dog a longer massage today, noting, “It’s how I show love and help him feel better as I know he aches.” Massages also have a calming effect on dogs — so your pup will be especially happy with you.


Tinkerbelle The Dog’s owner has filled National Dog Day with special plans so the two of them can relax and enjoy the day together.


An All-Day Affair: If you want to take your affection to the next level and treat your dog like royalty, take a tip from the owner of our celebrity pup collaboration partner Tinkerbelle The Dog®. She has an entire day of pampering lined up for Tinkerbelle The Dog:


“Tinkerbelle The Dog loves a special day devoted to her. We will start the day off with homemade bacon for breakfast. Then she will be treated to a day at the spa which includes a haircut, spa bath, plus special paw softening treatment. This day will totally be devoted to Tinkerbelle The Dog — no photos or video shoots — a true day of rest. She will go to one of her favorite dog-friendly restaurants for a special homemade dinner which will include, of course, a dish with chicken! After dinner we will enjoy a special show on Netflix. Tinkerbelle The Dog brings me so much joy and happiness, so a day devoted to her is very special — for both of us.


Keeping It Simple: Of course, you don’t have to do anything too fancy to make your dog feel loved… our dogs are just happy to spend time with us! Simply setting aside some extra time today to cuddle or play with our dogs can make them feel special.


That’s only a handful of the endless ways to celebrate National Dog Day with your furry friend. Check out the Dogington Post and it’s top twenty list for additional festive ideas!


How are you and your dog planning to spend National Dog Day? Let us know in our comments section below! The first ten to comment will receive a free 10-count pack of our innovative, easy-to-use Toppers.



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