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New Year, New Health: What are Your Dog’s Goals for 2024?

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New Year, New Health: What are Your Dog’s Goals for 2024?

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Happy New Year!
  • New Year, New Health!
  • Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions
  • Kradle’s Here to Help!



On behalf of everyone at Kradle — Happy New Year to you, your pup and the rest of your family members (including the feathered, furry and scaly ones). As 2024 gets underway, you're likely setting goals for yourself and your household. But what about pet New Year's resolutions?

Now is the perfect time to identify ways that you can make this year a healthy, happy one for your dog. Depending on your pet, you may have dog training goals, canine health concerns to focus on or another area that you could improve for you and your fur baby. In this article, we'll discuss why setting resolutions can be beneficial, share some great ideas for goals and give you tips on how to start working toward them during the months ahead.


New Year, New Health!


As their pet parent, your dog relies on you for everything, so naturally, you want to do your best to take care of them. Establishing pet New Year's resolutions can inspire you to work toward solutions for issues your dog may be facing, and the payoff for following through with them can be big. By prioritizing health and behavioral goals, you can potentially extend the life of your dog, help them have happier days and strengthen the bond between the two of you.


Ideas for Pet New Year's Resolutions


So what resolution should you set for 2024? It all depends on your dog. Check out the following resolutions and set your goal based on their individualized needs.


Resolution #1: Regular Vet Visits

With your hectic schedule, preventative vet visits can fall by the wayside, but prioritizing those regular visits to the veterinarian can make a big impact on your dog's health. Regular vaccinations for canine distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis and rabies can protect your dog from life-threatening illnesses. Plus, the vet can catch early warning signs of chronic conditions like arthritis and diabetes earlier, potentially improving treatment outcomes.

What you can do:

  • Ask your vet how often you should come in for wellness visits
  • Set a reminder in your phone to schedule appointments throughout the year
  • Keep a list of questions like "Is it okay to give my dog calming supplements every day?" and concerns like "Is my dog eating enough?" so you can discuss them with your vet at your next visit
  • Investigate pet insurance policies that can make preventative visits more affordable


Resolution #2: More (or Less?) Playtime!

Play is important for your dog's physical and emotional well-being, but too much of a good thing can leave your dog fatigued. 2024 can be a great time to find that sweet spot and ensure that your dog gets just the right amount of play every day.

What you can do:


Resolution #3: Stress Relief Where Needed

Just like you, your dog can suffer physical and emotional effects of stress. The best approach for how to calm a stressed dog depends upon the cause of their stress. By taking steps to ease their anxiety, you can set your dog up for happier days and overall better health.

What you can do:

  • Observe your pet carefully to determine their stress and anxiety triggers, as the method for how to calm a stressed dog will depend largely on the cause
  • Because addressing phobias and curing dog separation anxiety quickly usually isn't possible, practice patience and experiment with different natural remedies for dog anxiety like white noise, massage, training and calming supplements.
  • Try our line-up of the best calming products for small dogs and large dogs. Products like our Bliss Bars and Daily Calming Soft Chews help maintain normal emotional balance with broad-spectrum CBD and a host of supportive ingredients


Resolution #4: Skin and Coat Care

Your dog's skin and coat do more than affect their appearance. They also help them properly regulate their body temperature, protect their bodies, store nutrients and keep their immune system functioning properly. As a result, doing what you can to support coat and skin health can positively impact your pet's overall health.

What you can do:

  • Discuss coat and skin health with your vet, especially when you notice changes
  • Bathe and groom your dog as often as your vet recommends
  • Feed your dog a well-balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Promote a healthy coat and skin with our Skin Recovery Chews and Skin Recovery Spray


Resolution #5: Dental Hygiene

Good dental care can greatly reduce your dog's risk for gum disease, providing benefits beyond oral health. Studies show that gum disease can have negative effects on the mouth, potentially contributing to heart, kidney and liver problems, so making dental hygiene a priority can support overall health and well-being. Plus, it can go a long way toward fighting bad doggy breath.

What you can do:

  • Have your dog's teeth checked at each vet visit and opt for professional cleanings when recommended
  • Brush your dog's teeth daily. Your vet can show you how to do so properly
  • Support healthy teeth and gums with our Sleepy CleanZzz Dental Chews, which also have a calming effect on nerves that may be beneficial at bedtime


Kradle's Here to Help


With the right pet New Year's resolutions, you can make 2024 the happiest, healthiest year for your dog yet. No matter what goals you set, Kradle is here to help you achieve them with our line of chews, sprays, and other products. Shop our full collection of products now to discover solutions that are in line with your pet's needs, and brainstorm ideas that will help you put your New Year's resolution into action. Little changes can add up and make a big difference in your pet's health and happiness.




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