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As the first brand that is solely focused on stress-reducing CBD solutions for dogs, Kradle offers the right product for every breed and situation. Even yours. Ready to buy CBD for dogs? Our Pet Profile Quiz will help point the way.

Kradle calming CBD chews for anxious dogs


Kradle Calming CBD Chews for dogs are easy-to-use and perfect for multiple-dog households. Our Chews contain a full targeted dose of our proprietary Botanitek™ formulation to calm your dog from the inside out.
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Kradle calming CBD toppers for anxious dogs


Kradle Calming CBD Toppers are a snap to use and fit right in with your dog’s daily routine. Our Toppers contain a targeted dose of our BotaniTek™ formulation with just the right amount of calming CBD for your dog.
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Kradle Quick Calm CBD melts for anxious dogs


Kradle Calming CBD Melts dissolve on your dog’s tongue to help calm those stressful events. Our Melts for dogs contain our proprietary Botanitek™ formulation with even more CBD to safely deliver quick results.
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Kradle calming CBD for dogs comes in Chews, Toppers or Melts


Not sure which Kradle product is right for your dog? Our Trials Collection packs offer just the right amount of Chews, Toppers and Melts to help you decide what works best for you and your dog. See our Stress-Free Guarantee.
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Kradle products are proudly featured at Pet Supplies Plus Stores Nationwide. Shop in-store to find the right Kradle product for you and your dog.

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