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Kradle My Pet: Your Partner in Pet Calmness


CBD for premium,
proven calming

Kradle® Calming BotaniTek™ +CBD products feature our proprietary blend of ingredients like GABA, Ashwagandha, and broad-spectrum CBD from the highest-quality American-grown hemp.

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Where to buy
Where to buy

BotaniTek™ +CBD

CBD: Naturally
promotes stress relief

Kradle's unique CBD-based products work naturally with the canine endocannabinoid system to calm your dog, and restore the harmony between both of you.




  • CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from cannabis
  • We always use broad-spectrum CBD — with no detectable THC
  • Like us, dogs have an endocannabinoid system
  • The endocannabinoid system is in the brain and body
  • CBD naturally influences mood and reactions
  • Our CBD products are formulated to help calm your dog quickly
  • CBD receptors also influence a dog’s immune system
  • We offer a Stress-Free Guarantee for 30 days
5-25 lbs.

26-60 lbs.

51+ lbs.


5 mg
(1/3 bar)
10 mg
(2/3 bar)
15 mg
(full bar)


10 mg 20 mg 30 mg


Every dog is different

Kradle products are formulated to help calm your dog quickly, but like all things in nature each dog’s system is a bit different. Each Kradle product has a portioning guide based on your dog’s weight. Bliss Bars are formulated for everyday use.

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Exceptional standards

Ingredients you can trust

Our BotaniTek formulation and broad-spectrum CBD are the backbones of our products, developed through proven scientific methodology and exceptionally high standards. BotaniTek is a proprietary blend of proven, premium ingredients from some of the best places on earth — with natural flavoring and no artificial colors.

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“Relieves Separation Anxiety”

I give my dog a Chiller chew right before I leave home. He is so absorbed with the Chiller he doesn't notice me leaving.

“Helps my anxious dog! Great product!”

Love this been using it for months on my nervous girl. Helps with thunder and fireworks! Doesn’t bother her at all when she has these. They are amazing.

“Finally, something that works!”

I started my 7-year-old Havanese/Bichon mix dog on these soft chews in July. The older he got the more anxious he has become. July 4th is a tough time for him. I got the chews just in time for the fireworks, but he was so anxious he wouldn't eat them. I just started adding a chew every morning to his breakfast and by the end of the month he was his old self. I've continued to give him a chew every morning. I love Gatsby and he loves feeling better.


Kradle’s formulations are made to work quickly and reliably and are suitable for daily use. If you don’t see a marked improvement in your dog’s behavior after seven days, let us know and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

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Shop the way you love! Kradle is available at major retailers nationwide and on popular e-commerce platforms.