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Dude, My Dog's Right Here.

Reducing Their Stress Shouldn’t Eliminate Their Personality 


Our mission was to develop a natural solution to reduce your dog’s stressful behavior without the undesirable side effects that can accompany the regular use of some prescription medications.


The CBD Solution


No one can deny the growing popularity of Cannabidiol – or CBD – as a natural solution for stress or anxious behavior. Many people have already tried and benefited from the calming effect this hemp-based compound can produce. But use of products intended for humans is never advised for dogs.


Why? For one thing, not all CBD products are the same.


There are two basic types of CBD. The first of these is full-spectrum, which can contain up to 0.3% THC – the chemical that makes users feel “high.” In addition to studies that indicate this form of CBD can be very harmful, it can also produce the same type of sedation many prescription medications do – making many pet parents wish they could have their “old dog” back.  


But the second type of CBD is broad-spectrum, which contains no THC but still provides the desired calming effect. So, Kradle and its scientists have created the first line of broad-spectrum, hemp-based CBD solutions focused solely on reducing stress for dogs – and with no detectable THC.



The Kradle Difference


Another thing that makes Kradle products different from those of other CBD companies is our patent-pending BotaniTek™ formulations, which work with your dog’s endocannabinoid system to help calm them safely and naturally from the inside out. We combine pure, broad-spectrum hemp with other natural ingredients like GABA, L-theanine, SAMe and Shoden® Ashwaghanda, which are also known to have a calming effect.


So, if your dog has a history of anxious behavior, and you’re looking for a solution that won’t turn them into a character from Night of the Living Dog, we know just how you both feel. Kradle offers a more natural solution that will help your loved one feel more like their old self again. It's the reason we're so confident when we promise you'll "lose the stress and love your dog."


Does your dog have anxious behavior? Take our Anxious Dog Quiz to learn more


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