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Just in Time for July 4 Holiday Kradle™ Unveils CBD for Calming Dogs

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Just in Time for July 4 Holiday Kradle™ Unveils CBD for Calming Dogs

 The July 4th holiday can be a tough time for dogs.  Fireworks launched by local communities and those enjoyed by our neighbors on the street ­­– just outside our front doors – deliver loud booms and vibrations that can trigger anxiousness in our canine family members. They feel it differently than humans do, and it can stress them out. In addition, with rallies and protests in cities across the country in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and pent up energy in response to COVID-19, it seems people – and dogs – are hearing more fireworks than usual, as reported in a recent Minneapolis Star Tribune article.


According to pet adoption site, PetFinder, dogs react differently to fireworks because of their acute sense of hearing.  The Farmer’s Almanac notes that dogs have what some experts call “Noise Phobia.” Loud booms generated by fireworks startle dogs just as an unexpected loud noise might startle a person, and dogs don’t know or understand where the random loud noises are coming from.  The July 4 season and all its fireworks festivities can cause challenges with our dogs – increased heart rate, a rush of adrenaline and increase stress hormones circulating through their bodies – in general, anxiousness.  They may act out in different ways such as hiding, marking, barking, chewing and shaking, among other reactions.


Our just-launched Kradle™ brand, based in Minneapolis -– a newcomer on the pet scene and the CBD health and wellness industry – offers innovative new CBD solutions for calming dogs that are perfect for the coming July 4th holiday season.  As the first CBD brand focused exclusively on stress-reduction for dogs, Kradle Calming CBD solutions are purpose-built and formulated to offer the right product for every breed and size.  While other CBD dog solutions have a single delivery method, Kradle offers three options to meet varying dog needs – Chews, Toppers and Melts – with a patent-pending BotaniTek™ formula not found in any other CBD pet product today.


Why CBD for Dogs? 


Dogs can feel anxious from a range of stress-triggers beyond fireworks including thunderstorms, vet or grooming visits, travel (car and airline), separation, new dog adoption, a new baby in the family and large gatherings, among others.  In fact, one in five dogs feel stress and anxiousness from separation when pet parents or family members leave the house. 



Stress-triggers go beyond fireworks and include car trips, vet appointments and separation from pet parents and family members during the day.


Like all mammals, dogs have an endocannabinoid system that regulates their immune system and pain tolerance, and influences their mood and emotional reactions.  There are times when dogs can’t regulate these emotions on their own and need a little help.  CBD – also known as Cannabidiol, a chemical found in hemp – has been proven to be therapeutic and provide real benefits for managing and mitigating stress. 


Many people may be confused about CBD products, especially for their pets, and our Kradle brand, as a thought leader in this evolving new space, is uniquely positioned to deliver consumer education so that pet parents can feel good about helping their dogs live stress-free with solutions that truly work.  


Education is Key


There are three types of CBD:

  • Isolate, which utilizes only a single Cannabinoid (aka CBD);
  • Full spectrum, which contains multiple Cannabinoids, along with up to 0.3% THC, which is the compound that triggers a “high” and studies indicate this may be harmful for dogs; and
  • Broad spectrum, which maintains the multiplying benefits of several Cannabinoids, but with no appreciable THC.

Click above to see our Kradle brand launch video with powerful educational content important for pet parents covering calming CBD solutions for dogs and our exclusive BotaniTek™ formula.


Kradle utilizes only broad-spectrum CBD with additional “special sauce” elements that set us apart.   Our pet-expert scientists created Kradle solutions with a dog’s anatomy in mind, and our products achieve their calming effects by uniquely combining broad-spectrum CBD with a patent-pending BotaniTek™ formula that works seamlessly to calm dogs safely and quickly from the inside out!  Our BotaniTek™ blueprint combines the benefits of the broad-spectrum CBD with additional natural ingredients – GABA, Shoden® Ashwagandha and L-Theanine – which are known to benefit dogs and have a calming effect. 


Everybody on the team at Kradle shares a love and passion for pets and our purpose is to help pet parents do everything they can to keep them safe, calm and happy. It’s why we launched the company, the brand and these revolutionary new products, which are available today at all Pet Supplies Plus stores across the nation, and at


Our Calming CBD Solutions:


Dogs love the taste of Kradle products because they are made with natural flavorings like chicken and beef liver, along with broad-spectrum CBD from hemp that is American-grown according to the highest standards. Each delivery option is offered with exacting potencies by dog weight: small, medium and large.


Kradle products offer three delivery products to give pet parents and their dogs more options.   


Kradle Calming CBD Chews can be given 1-2 times a day and features a rich chicken flavor or beef liver that even the pickiest dogs will love.   Each chew contains a full, targeted dose for small, medium and large dogs. 


Kradle Calming CBD Toppers are a snap to use as they come in a single-use package with a chicken gravy-like product that dogs love to lap up.  Toppers can be given 1-2 times per day and are available in potencies for small, medium and large dogs.


Kradle Calming CBD Melts offer an innovative delivery method not available in other pet calming products with a single-dose strip that dissolves immediately in a dog’s mouth, quickening the calming effect of our BotaniTek™ formula. Melts are a smart on-the-go calming solution and perfect for stress-triggers that pop up quickly.


At Kradle we say: Lose the Stress. Love your Pet.  We believe our dogs can lead happy and stress-free lives with safe, effective, natural CBD solutions.  At Kradle, we stand behind our products and are confident that pet parents will see a positive change in just seven days.  We offer a giving peace of mind to pet partners.  If they are not completely satisfied, please send us the un-used portion for a full refund.


Come back regularly to this blog site for more expert advice on how to de-stress your canine family members with calming CBD solutions.  Find our products at Pet Supplies Plus stores, and at


About the Author


Lee Mayberry


Lee serves as Chief Quality & Regulatory Officer and has 25-plus years of experience in the food and beverage industry specializing in the dietary supplements sector.  Since 1995, he has served as an avid speaker, presenter and trainer on the topic of supplements, as well as the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act, which was passed by the Federal government in 1994.  He has served in regulatory, compliance and quality leadership roles for such companies as Whole Foods Market and EAS (formerly Experimental and Applied Sciences) – a first-mover in sports supplements. He is a founding leader of Coolhouse Botanics and its first brand, Kradle.  Coolhouse is a pioneering new company with a team dedicated to helping our dogs lead calmer, happier lives aided by the calming benefits of broad-spectrum CBD through innovative delivery systems – Melts, Chews and Toppers – and unique formulations such as BotaniTek™, which infuses additional beneficial natural ingredients.  Lee lives in Arvada, a suburb of Denver, with his wife, Jeanine, twin sons, as well as two high-drive, spirited Border Aussies: Canela (which means cinnamon in Spanish), 7, and Rio (which means river in Spanish), 2 – both regularly enjoy the benefits of Kradle Calming CBD products.





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