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The Gift of Calm: Kradle's Guide to Holiday Dog Gift Ideas

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The Gift of Calm: Kradle's Guide to Holiday Dog Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again! You've stocked up on treats, bought your Christmas cards and picked up presents for all your two-legged loved ones. Now comes the challenge. What to get for your furry friends!

Whether you're shopping for the cuddliest members of your household, or a dog loving friend, our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide is packed full of the best dog gifts for this season.


daily calming chews


Chews for Dogs on the Go


The holidays are busy for everyone! These dog Christmas presents are designed to help your furry friends cope with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.


Road Trip Bundle


The Road Trip Bundle contains a collection of Calming Chews, Chillers and Bliss Bars to help make road trips with your four-legged companion a chilled-out experience. Give your pet a daily portion of Chews for a few days running up to the trip to calm their mood so they handle the excitement of new faces and fresh scenery like a seasoned traveler.

Starting at $25.99. Save 15% when you purchase this bundle versus buying each product individually.


Calm & Bright Bundle


Make sure the holiday season is fun for the whole family with the Calm & Bright Bundle. Bright lights, popping crackers and rambunctious relatives can be a lot for a dog to deal with. This collection of tasty Chews, Melts and Bliss Bars helps keep your pet calm and relaxed and makes it easier for them to cope with the stress of the holiday season.

Starting at $44.99. Save 15% when you purchase this bundle versus buying each product individually.


Kradle Daily Calming Soft Chews Pouch


Our Kradle Daily Calming Soft Chews Pouch contains chicken-flavored Chews are made with broad-spectrum CBD derived from high-quality American-grown hemp, and enriched with the BotaniTek blend of natural, calming ingredients to promote relaxation and help maintain a calm and content mood. The tasty chicken flavor should appeal to even the pickiest of palates.

Starting at $10.99.


Sleepy CleanZzz


Gifts for Cozy Nights and Restful Sleep


All the excitement of the holidays can make it tricky to get a good night's sleep, making even the most cheerful pup a little grumpy. If you're looking for stuff for dogs for this holiday season, consider something that'll help them rest and recover from all the excitement, so they can have fun with the whole family.


Sleepy CleanZzz


Sleepy CleanZzz are designed to promote sound sleep while keeping dogs calm and comfortable throughout the night. This is a great holiday gift to make sure your dog is well-rested for the next day’s fun, festive activities. Sleepy CleanZzz also come in a mint-flavor to promote fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums, so your pup can keep up with their healthy bedtime routine.

Starting at $10.99.


Calming chillers packages


Ideas for Good Vibes


Make sure your fur babies enjoy the holidays with these awesome Christmas presents for dogs. These calming products can help prevent your pets from feeling anxious when there are strangers in the house over the holidays. If your pooch gets nervous when they're somewhere new, the broad-spectrum CBD and calming herbs in these products could be the answer.


Bliss Bar Soft Bake


The Bliss Bar Soft Bake is a peanut butter flavored bar made from real peanut butter and broad-spectrum CBD along with other natural, calming ingredients. These individually wrapped bars can be split into three pieces for easy portioning. If you're off on a road trip, give your pet some of this delicious bar to keep them relaxed on the way.

Starting at $10.99


All Day Calming Bone


Want to keep your canine pal entertained while you're enjoying your Christmas dinner? The All Day Calming Bone is one of the best dog gifts for long-term fun. Your pet will love chewing on this toy bone dispenser, which can be loaded with calming refills containing chamomile, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha and other calming ingredients.

Starting at $22



Presents for Comfort and Calm


Treat your dog with one of these great dog gift ideas to help ease the discomfort associated with a busy, active holiday season. These Chews and Chillers help maintain a normal inflammatory response, helping your pet have as much fun as possible over the holidays.


Hip and Joint Chews


If your dog experiences occasional joint discomfort and stiffness, these Hip and Joint Chews could help promote mobility and comfort. Shipped in a convenient container with an easy-grab lid, these Chews are easy to dispense. Featuring a proprietary BotaniTek blend of natural ingredients, and including broad-spectrum CBD, these chews support a healthy inflammatory response. Treat your pet this Christmas.

Starting at $31


Skin Recovery Chews


Formulated with collagen and biotin as well as broad-spectrum CBD derived from American-grown hemp, these Skin Recovery Chews are beef-flavored and offer nutritional support to promote healthy skin. Easy to dispense and mess-free, these tasty, chewy products feature a blend of vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy immune response.

Starting at $31


Calming Chillers


Does your dog get antsy when you're entertaining visitors? Do they crave attention when you're video-calling loved ones? These Calming Chillers are ideal for keeping your dog occupied and calm. A seriously chewable product just bursting with bacon flavor, these Chillers include GABA, Shoden Aswhagandha and L-Theanine, as well as CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids as part of a proprietary calming blend. It's a great holiday gift for an energetic or anxious pet.

Starting at $10.99




Happy Holidays from Kradle


However you celebrate the holiday season, and whatever gifts you choose, we hope you and your four-legged friends have a wonderful holiday! We've got products for dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Take a look at our online store today and pick out the perfect gift for your canine buddies.



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