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Kradle® Limited-Edition 4th of July Calming Bundle Is Back

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Kradle® Limited-Edition 4th of July Calming Bundle Is Back

Back by pup-ular demand…the 4th of July Calming Bundle! Say farewell to firework freak-outs once and for all with this limited-edition bundle, now available for purchase.


The 4th of July Calming Bundle is a trio of Kradle® calming products designed to work together to help dogs cope with the stress and anxiousness that comes with fireworks and family gatherings. Each bundle features:


  • 1 x 7-Count Best-Selling Beef Chews
  • 1 x 2-Count Long-Lasting Bacon Chillers
  • 1 x 10-Count Fast-Acting Chicken Melts


Like every Kradle® product, Chews, Chillers, and Melts feature our patent-pending BotaniTek™ formulation. BotaniTek™ is a proprietary blend of pure, proven, human-grade ingredients that naturally interact with a dog’s system to calm them from the inside out.


Not sure which products to use when? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step how-to-use guide.


  1. As the 4th approaches, give your dog Chews on a daily basis to set a calm foundation. Kradle products are formulated to work quickly, but every dog is different. Consistency is key and ultra-important in the days leading up to the big night.


  1. When the booms begin, keep your dog chill and distracted with a long-lasting Chiller. With an irresistible chewy texture and tasty bacon flavor, Chillers provide dogs with a relaxing experience that keeps going, and going, and going.


  1. Fireworks can be unpredictable, so always have Melts handy in case your dog needs an extra boost of calm. Melts contain a double portion of CBD to work extra-fast — hence the name Quick Calm Melts!


  1. Enjoy your happiest 4th of July yet with the entire family.


Pet parents saw great success with the 4th of July Calming Bundle last year, many of whom raved it was the first solution to ever work for their dog during fireworks.


Fireworks, what fireworks? I specifically bought the 4th of July bundle to help my two dogs get through the holiday weekend, and I’m so glad I did!! Normally they bark, pace, and tremble all night long around the 4th, sometimes just hiding in the bathroom or stuck to my side all night. Not this year!” — Kim M.


Calmest Independence Day! The quick melt was perfect for our 12-year-old yorkie! Out of all of our years of trying different things to calm him down during the fireworks, this was the most he has ever chilled out.” — Lynn L.


AMAZING!! I’ve tried a few other CBD products for my anxious dogs – and Memorial Day was still a nightmare!! Got Kradle for the 4th and it was a breeze! No barking, no whining, no hiding, no stress, for me or my pups!! I’m telling everyone about Kradle!!!” — Martamary C.


Shop now for the 4th of July Calming Bundle to keep your dog calm during what is widely recognized as the most stressful day of the year for our four-legged friends. As with every bundle, you’ll save 15% on the 4th of July Calming Bundle versus buying each product individually.


Be sure to also check out our Calming Dog Blog for additional holiday calming tips.  


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