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14 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Best Palentine’s Day Date

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14 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The Best Palentine’s Day Date

As soon as the shine of the new year wears off, the aisles in stores turn bright pink and red with heart-shaped goodies on every shelf. You probably either look to the day that defines the entire month of February with joy…or complete dread. Considering all of the love associated with it, Valentine’s Day sure can bring about an unnecessary amount of stress. For those in a relationship, it may be the pressure to buy the perfect gift or plan a night full of surprises, and, for those who are single, perhaps it’s the constant reminder that they’re not in a relationship. Pet parents, whatever their relationship status is, really shouldn’t fret over the season of love, though, because they’ve already found an incredible soulmate in their furry friend – who also just so happens to make the best date!


Did you know February 13th is Palentine’s Day?


If you’re not in the mood to participate in Valentine festivities this year, celebrate Palentine’s Day instead. Palentine’s Day recognizes all of the loved ones in our lives — family, friends…human and furry — not just romantic partners. At Kradle, our version of Palentine's Day is simply celebrating the love we have for our pups and the never-ending happiness they bring into our lives.  


Should you need any convincing, here are fourteen reasons why dogs make the best Palentine’s and Valentine’s Day (however you choose to label it!) date:


  1. They’re COVID-free, so you can hug and kiss them all you want. What more could you ask for after the last year?
  1. You can hog all the chocolate and wine and don’t have to feel guilty about not sharing with them.
  1. Are you realistically going to find someone else nearly as cute out there?
  1. They’re the ultimate cuddle buddies. 
  1. You don’t have to worry about putting together elaborate plans — your pup will just be happy to spend quality time with you…
  1. …BUT, if you do want to go all out, they won’t judge you for it. 
  1. They don’t expect to receive any material goods from you (though they certainly wouldn’t complain about receiving a new toy…or Kradle).
  1. They can’t talk back to you.
  1. You can lounge around in sweatpants and your dog will still think that you’re dressed to the nines.
  1. They’ll put a smile on your face, guaranteed. 
  1. Did we mention no COVID?
  1. You don’t have to stay up all night wondering if they’ll text you…
  1. …OR, if they’re texting someone else. Your loyal companion would never break your heart like that.
  1. Dogs accept us for who we are and will always and forever love us unconditionally. 💕


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