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5 Ideas for National Doggy Date Night

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5 Ideas for National Doggy Date Night

February is the month of love. What better way to kick off the month all about love than a date night with your special one? And by special one, we mean your pup. 🐶


Today, February 3rd, is National Doggy Date Night...


Also known as designated bonding time for you and your furry bundle of love. Maybe you already spend every night curled up on the couch with your dog — we know we do! — but tonight is the night to do something a little bit fancier than usual.


Here are five date night ideas, including a few from our very own Kradle team members, for you and your dog:


  1. Stick with Favorites: Show your pup much-deserved appreciation by planning the night around his or her favorite activity. For Max, our Director of Operations, and his Frenchie Archie that means, “A car ride to the dog park, and then I’ll give him his favorite treat, ham, when we get home! The dude loves ham.”
  1. Dinner for Two: Cook your dog a gourmet meal with yummy ingredients he or she doesn’t usually have. Canine Journal has some pretty extravagant dog-friendly recipes to get you started, including beef stew.
  1. Double Date: Arrange a meet-up at the dog park with another couple of best friends.
  1. Outdoor Adventure: Take your dog somewhere new, weather-permitting, and let ‘em sniff all of the wintery aromas. According to Wag, walking with your pup strengthens your bond. Be prepared for any of the potential stress-triggers that may pop-up in a new place with Kradle Melts, the perfect on-the-go solution for sudden stressful situations.
  1. Family Time: There truly is nothing dogs love more than spending time with the people who make them the happiest, their family. One of our team members, Lisa, says her ideal date night with her twelve-year-old Lab, Fletch, is simply spending quality time together, “Fletch is old, so he likes to find a comfortable spot on the couch, curl up with some pillows, and just be close to his family. He’s always open to treats, too, always, always.”


If your dog has any pre-date jitters, Kradle can help calm the nerves. Enjoy your time together and remember to give your pooch a smooch at the end of the night! 😉


The month of love encourages us all to celebrate those who make our hearts happy, which, of course, includes our dogs — that’s why we love it! We wouldn’t be the same without our furry family members and want to do everything we can to care for them, this month and every month. Stay tuned for some *sweet* discounts on Kradle products that will help you Lose the Stress, Love your Pet™ all month long.  


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