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Prepping for Thanksgiving? Kradle Calming CBD Should Be on Your Shopping List!

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Prepping for Thanksgiving? Kradle Calming CBD Should Be on Your Shopping List!

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and election week, it seems the holidays are sneaking up on us, fast — Thanksgiving is just under two weeks away! With COVID-19 cases now reaching all-time highs across the country, many of us will have to forego our traditional Thanksgiving celebrations this year. According to recent CDC guidelines, we should opt for small, outdoor (weather-permitting) gatherings, avoid air travel and pot luck-type dinners and treat our pets like people and keep them from interacting with people from outside our households. The holidays can be classic stress-drivers for many, dogs included, and navigating celebrations in the middle of the pandemic may make them even more challenging. Whatever your Thanksgiving may look like, it’s important to develop a plan in advance to ensure your four-legged family members have a happy holiday, too.


Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you begin prepping yourself and your dog for Thanksgiving:


Ready for the Road


With the CDC recommending we stay clear of crowded airports and other mass transit, some of us may choose to hit the road instead to make it to our extended family or friends. If you plan to bring your pet along, determine the best dog-friendly route beforehand, one that includes safe areas along the way for your dog to play and relieve him or herself. Read more strategies here for preparing your dog for road trips.  


Watch Your Own Stress


As we’ve said in previous blog posts, our own stress can affect our dog’s stress levels. Especially if you’ll be the one hosting, cooking the grand meal, sorting out ways to follow the rules in a pandemic and entertain the family at the same time, the weeks and days leading up to Thanksgiving can be incredibly stress-inducing. If you feel anxiousness coming on, move to another room where your dog can’t see or hear you. The more relaxed you are around him or her, the more relaxed your dog will be!


Celebrate with Your Furry Friend


Thanksgiving is all about enjoying time with family — which, of course, includes our dogs! With many states limiting gathering sizes, pet parents will be able to spend more quality time with their furry family members (extra cuddle sessions!) and, as we say here at Kradle, rekindle the natural harmony. As with any holiday celebration, try to engage your pup in the festivities to help them feel included. Add some items to your grocery shopping list that your pet may like — check out the American Kennel Club’s list of safe and healthy foods you can share with your dog at Thanksgiving. You may consider taking it a step further and baking your dog a special holiday treat, so they can feast right alongside the rest of the family – eating essentially the same yummy ingredients! Take a look at these six dog-friendly recipes that are perfect for Thanksgiving, from the pet parents behind the dog lifestyle blog Proud Dog Mom.


Calm with Kradle!


Include Kradle Calming CBD on your shopping list, too! Uncertainty has permeated most aspects of our lives this year, but you can shop with confidence for Kradle products knowing you’ll get the results you want. Our purpose-built CBD solutions are formulated to reduce stress and anxiousness in dogs and are all easy-to-use, dosed appropriately by weight. Kradle Melts are an especially convenient solution to have in your back pocket (literally!) in the case any sudden stressors pop up during your celebration. With our Stress-Free Guarantee, if you don’t see a marked improvement in your dog’s behavior after seven days, simply let us know and we’ll work with you to find the best solution. Click here to start shopping for Kradle products.  


How do you usually keep your furry friend calm during Thanksgiving celebrations? Share with us in the comments below!


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