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Kradle® Welcomes Our New First Dogs Champ and Major!

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Kradle® Welcomes Our New First Dogs Champ and Major!

The nation officially welcomed some new residents into the White House last week…and we’re not just talking about the new president and vice president! President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are bringing along a couple of furry family members with them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: their two adorable German shepherds, Champ and Major. We know moving into a new home can be stressful for dogs, so we’re sending them a special welcome kit from the Kradle® family.


First shelter dog at the White House


Champ, now 12 years old, is no stranger to the White House. He joined the Biden family back in 2008 and resided with them at the vice-presidential residence for eight years. Champ will now have the chance to show his younger brother around! Major, 2 years old, just recently became part of the clan in 2018, when the Bidens adopted him from the Delaware Humane Association. Major fits right in with an administration that is full of historic firsts, making history as the first shelter dog to call the White House home. We always take joy in hearing heartwarming stories about shelter dogs finding a forever home and must say that Major has found a pretty special one. Thank you to Major for showing the world that anything is possible for all dogs. 💙



Our welcome gift for Champ and Major includes the full assortment of Kradle products — Chews, Toppers and Melts! 


Transitions, like moving into a new home, can be stressful for the whole family, but especially for the four-legged members. The loss of a familiar routine and environment is jolting for many dogs, who really are creatures of habit. Though Champ has graced the halls of the White House before, it’s common for dogs to become more anxious with age, meaning abrupt changes are that much more difficult to process.


To help Champ and Major transition to the nation’s capital with complete ease, we put together a special welcome gift for them, featuring the full assortment of Kradle products — Chews, Toppers and Melts. All three options are formulated to help keep dogs calm during any and every stressful situation, and all are excellent calming solutions for senior dogs. We also included a few fetch balls for the two of them to play with whenever they have a break from their duties as First Dogs. The gift was signed and delivered with love by Kradle’s own furry workers, Amber and Ruby, who understand better than any of us just how stressful transitions can be for dogs. We know that Kradle will help Champ and Major stay happy and calm as they settle into their new home!


We are so thrilled to see dogs return to the most powerful residence in the world, where they rightfully belong. You can follow along with all of Champ and Major’s fun adventures at the Oval Pawffice® on the ‘First Dogs’ Instagram and Twitter accounts.   


Welcome to the White House, Champ and Major! 🇺🇸



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