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Holiday Calming Tips for Humans & Dogs

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Holiday Calming Tips for Humans & Dogs

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been filled with unexpected twists and turns. After nine months of adapting to COVID-19 restrictions and the “new normal,” we’re all feeling a sense of exhaustion as the year comes to a close. For so many, the holiday season is a much-awaited a time of year. From hanging the first ornament on the tree, to baking delicious seasonal treats, the holidays hold traditions that are dear to our hearts. But, with the pandemic still in full force, some of these traditions may look a bit different this year…which is understandably upsetting, and also, well…stressful.


In a regular year, juggling the demands of the holidays can be overwhelming. Between cooking elaborate meals, entertaining guests, and constant shopping, you may feel like you’re always on the go and trying to please way too many people at once. NOW we are hustling online, buying early, shipping out even more gifts than before because we aren’t able to celebrate in-person.  Plus, we are trying to figure out how to celebrate safely, while maintaining the special vibe of the season and often without beloved family members and traditions. One might think that following the CDC guideline and letting go this holiday season would lift stress, but it’s actually piling it on for many.


With so much happening at once, it can be easy to lose sight of what the holidays should really be about…happiness, peace and calm. As discussed in our previous blog leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, the silver-living of COVID-19 restrictions is more quality one-on-one time with our immediate family members and that includes our four-legged ones, too. 



Here are a few holiday calming tips to ensure you and your dog both are able to enjoy the most wonderful time of year: 

  • Schedule in quality dog time. As you think through your new way of celebrating, don’t forget good 1:1 time with your pup. Schedule in more dog walks, visits to the dog park, or a good game of fetch in the backyard.
  • Minimize the loud noise. If you’ve been doing the majority of your shopping online, packages are probably coming in like your home is a loading dock and your doorbell is ringing nonstop. Loud, unusual noises can send dogs into a tailspin. Consider playing music to drown out these noises. We all love Christmas tunes, and your dog can join in on the fun too. The first-ever Christmas jingle designed exclusively for dogs was just released last month! Check out “Raise the Woof” here. To limit the ding-dongs, you could also consider placing a note on your front door for the FedEx, UPS or other delivery person to simply leave the package and not ring the doorbell, or to call your cell upon arrival.
  • Give your dog a safe space. Should you plan to have a small gathering and have guests over in the coming weeks, set up a designated area for your dog with a bed, water, and toys to retreat to in the case he or she gets overstimulated. Given the lack of guests across the pandemic, our dogs may be even more overwhelmed, even with a small number of guests arriving at your home.
  • Keep your dog on a regular schedule. This includes sticking to similar walking, feeding, grooming, play times, etc. each day. According to Pet Coach, consistent routines can help keep dogs calm.
  • Remember to take care of yourself, too! Read these tips from the Mayo Clinic about how to manage holiday stress. The sense of calm is transferrable – to other humans and to our pets. The calmer you are, the calmer your dog will be.


Even though you may have to adjust your plans this year, the magic and joy of the holiday season can stay intact. Whichever holiday you celebrate, you and your furry friends should enjoy the true spirit of the season — together! The Kradle team is dedicated to providing CBD calming solutions for dogs so that pet parents can make the most of all these special moments with their pets. ❤️


Read more at the Calming Dog Blog for additional tips as you begin preparing for holiday festivities. Click here to start shopping for Kradle products that are sure to bring your dog happiness, peace and calm this season.


Happy Holidays!


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