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Meet the Team


It's no secret that we love dogs at Kradle®. We're all proud pet parents and our dogs are the whole reason we launched the brand. We'd seen our dogs get stressed out — from things like fireworks, separation, even nail trimming! — and wanted to find a natural solution that would keep them happy and calm. We strongly believe in the power of CBD in promoting pet stress-relief, which is why we've been using Kradle® on our own dogs since our launch in July 2020.


Check out all of the furry faces behind Kradle® below:


Meet Phoebe & Lily!

Their dad, Bill Partyka, serves as the Chief Executive Officer.



Meet Maisy!

Her dad, David Schneider, serves as the Chief Financial Officer.



Meet Oakley!

His mom, Ellen Forsyth, serves as the Chief Customer Officer.



Meet Booty!

His mom, Lisa Evia, serves as the Chief Marketing Officer.



Meet Rex!

His mom, Jackie Borders, serves as the Vice President of Sales.



Meet Archie!

His dad, Max Runke, serves as the Director of Operations.



Meet Archer!

Her mom, Jolie Chitwood, serves as the Director of Product Development.



Meet Amber!

Her mom, Jane Fraley, serves as a Brand Manager.



Meet Skittles!

His dad, Kenny Wright, serves as a Supply Chain Manager.



Meet Poco!

His dad, Chester Dixon, serves as a Business Analyst.



Meet Bogey!

His mom, Maren Hoffman, serves as a Territoy Sales Manager & Executive Assistant.



Meet Ruby!

Her dad, Andy Ubel, serves as the General Counsel.